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Q. What style of music do you play? View The Band's Song List

A. Top Shelf Oldies plays a wide variety of the popular music from the 1950's - 60's and 70's. Just have a look at our Song List! We also play some popular music from 1980's to today. Our focus is to play recognizable music ... songs that were usually top ten of the year back in their day.

Q. Do I need to pick ALL of the songs for you to play at my Event?

A. The short answer is: No, you have enough to worry about! Our many years of performing live allows us to call songs in a natural order and flow that compliments the atmosphere and mood of people at large. We want to be sure that the vast majority of people are having fun. We respond and interact with you and your guests to make it a memorable enjoyable event. We do however want you to be able to customize your event, so we typically recommend you review our Song List and highlight the songs you love, as well as scratch out any songs you absolutely do not want played. We always do our best to please you and every guests in attendance!

Q. How does the band dress during a performance?

A. We always seek to dress appropriately for the venue and we will be sure to accommodate your preferences as required. Our attire varies from very casual shorts and dress shirts for hot outdoor events to pressed pants with sports jackets to country club social events to full formal dress for weddings and formal occasions. If you would like us to dress in something specific, please ask!

Q. Will the musicians that I see in your promotional materials and pictures be the same musicians who will perform at my event?

A. The short answer is yes. Top Shelf Oldies is proud to be a “set group” which means that the musicians that you see here and have heard live at our performances, will be the same musicians that will be performing at your event. In the event a member is sick or detained beyond their control we will notify you of this circumstance and may substitute as required. The founding musicians that perform in Top Shelf Oldies meet a certain talent level and any replacement musicians will meet our quality standards to insure your event is completed with the highest satisfaction level we can muster on your behalf.

Q. How long do you typically play for?

A. Our minimum booking time is two (2) hours of performance, but a typical job is 3 to 4 hours depending on the venue.

Q. How do you take breaks?

A. We generally take a 15 - 20 min break after 60 - 90 minutes of performance time. If a meal is involved we usually play our dinner set until the entrees have been served, or for a buffet we will play until the majority of the guests have been served. We typically eat at this time too so that after dinner the band can perform without interruption. Food and drinks are part of our compensation when performing so we are always performing at our best.

Q. What happens when the band takes a break do you provide music?

A. We provide music to be played during all breaks but if you prefer to create your own break material we will set up your media device to play through our system during the breaks. Be sure you bring the appropriate player and cords for your preferred format to plug into a 1/4 inch PA input. Either way there will NEVER be silence or dead air at your event.

Q. Do we have to provide a meal for the band?

A. Part of our compensation is that you provide a meal and drinks for the band. It doesn’t have to be what the guests are receiving (Although most clients do that). Most catering halls have a vendor meal for the band. With travel, unloading equipment, early setup times and performance time; and after the performance we must breakdown and exit loading, it’s a very long day for us. So feeding us ensures you get a high level performance from each of us.

Q. I'm concerned about the volume of the band. How can we be sure that Top Shelf Oldies won't be too loud?

A. Low volume is what attracts people to our band and we get this compliment often, especially during dinner and cocktail hours. We have state-of-the-art equipment and years of live performance experience. This allow us to play at low volumes and provide a rich clean sound at the same time, other newer bands usually lack this sensitivity. We are EXPERTS at keeping the volume just right. As we are playing, we are constantly looking around the room to make sure your guests can easily have a conversation with each other while also making sure the dance floor has a good feel and enough volume to satisfy them too. We are extremely concerned with volume and Top Shelf Oldies feels that everyone at your event should be enjoying themselves whether they are on the dance floor or engaging in conversation.

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Q. Some of our favorite music is not on your song list. Will you learn songs for us?

A. Learning a new song is not like reading a poem it takes days of individual preparation and multiple practice sessions to learn a song to the performance level. Our personal skill levels and vocal ranges do put many songs out of our reach to perform live. So requests are never something we can guarantee. We are always open to your suggestions and many songs on our song-list have come from requests. So if you will provide us with the name of the song and the artist you'd like to suggest we'll do our best to accommodate that under the conditions stated above.

Q. How much will it COST to have Top Shelf Oldies play at my event?

A. We are available for private parties and functions and our Standard* booking price starts at $600.00 for 2 hours performance time plus food and drinks. We charge $200.00 for each additional hour of performance time booked in advance. We charge $100.00 per half-hour for impromptu over-times, subject to band members availability and personal schedules we can never guarantee impromptu over-time.Booking the band requires an initial deposit equal to 1/4 the of the total booking price. Minimum $200.00 this is non-refundable to secure the event date.

Book The Band ................ $600.00

*Standard prices do not include special functions and prime booking dates such as holiday celebrations around Christmas season - New Year's - St. Patrick's Day etc. Pricing may increase to meet market demand for these special dates. Please call to discuss and confirm pricing and availability. Lower price options for off season bookings. All the same fun with Less playing time and fewer musicians. Call Will Ravellette to discuss (239) 810-6180 Cell

Q. Is it possible to see the band perform live?

A. Yes. As a matter of fact we would love for you to come see us live! Top Shelf Oldies performs at local venues where you and everyone else involved in the decision process can enjoy us live. Call for an update on dates and times of our live performances.

Call Will Ravellette (239) 810-6180 Cell

Q. What time does the band arrive prior to the event?

A. Our typical arrival time is 60 - 90 minutes before the band's scheduled start time. We require a minimum of 30 minutes to set-up. If your event requires that the band set up at specific times, please inform us as soon as possible. As professionals we like to be prepared to avoid last minute surprises and stresses whenever possible.

Q. Do I need to meet with the Band members before booking an event?

A. Your event planning can easily be done over the telephone and via e-mail, fax and even snail-mail if necessary. But if you're more comfortable meeting in person that would be wonderful too! We suggest that you notify us before hand and visit us at a live event so we can discuss things in detail then. On rare occasion we may request to see the venue to scope out the size and acoustics of the room in cases of a larger-scale event.

Q. Will you perform MC services for our event?

A. While usually MC services are not handled by the band we will gladly accommodate all your MC requirements, with the exception of a public prayer. If MC services are excessive requiring a commitment of time in preparation there may be additional fees required to accommodate preparation and additional work-time ($20 - $50 extra). Please communicate this requirement when booking the band.

Q. We want to book Top Shelf Oldies! What happens next?

A. First call to confirm dates and pricing and we'll prepare a booking packet for you. We will then send it to you spelling out the detailed terms and conditions on securing your event. You need to sign our agreement and return it ASAP. A deposit (non-refundable) of 1/3 rd of the price is required along with the signed agreement to secure your date. The remaining balances are due prior to the start of our performance at your event.

Q. Can you hold a date open for me?

A. We do not put a "hold" on specific dates without a contract and deposit. The band's policy for bookings is that the first person to sign and return our agreement along with the required deposit gets the date. We will notify you if there are serious inquiries for your date request giving you right of first refusal.

Q. Anything else we should know or any suggestions about hiring you?


Although volume is never an issue with Top Shelf Oldies, please consider the preferences of your guests when it comes to seating arrangements. We find that that older guests may not enjoy being seated right next to the band. It is best to seat the people who are most likely to dance and party closer to the band. If at all possible, the ideal setup at the event is to set-up the band across the dance floor opposite your guests.

The tone of your event and it's overall success falls on you and your closest friends as hosts. If you're all dancing and having fun, your guests will follow along and have fun too. While it's appropriate to spend some time greeting your guests and managing affairs, don't forget to get out there and enjoy your own party!

Q. Are gratuities necessary?

A. We place a TIP Jar close to the band for Gratuities, unless you advise otherwise. Tipping is not a necessity but is always greatly appreciated.

Q. Would you mind if a family member or friend played a song with the band?

A. We always enjoy having people sit in with us as it makes it an exciting event for all. All we ask is that they respect our instruments and equipment, as well as the other guests in attendance, and perform in a manner accordingly.

Q. Got another question not answered here?

A. Email or call us with any other questions or concerns we're eager to help.

Call Will Ravellette (239) 810-6180 Cell

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