John Webber - Guitar and Vocals ~ John Webber - Guitar and Vocals

John comes from Boston, MA area; John has boatloads of professional experience playing all over New England. John played his first professional job, a wedding, in 1977 as a lead singer with the band Ultra Blue - While John's peers pursued professional recording contracts John was content performing and entertaining. "It was always about the audience for me ... no one really wanted to hear my originals but me" ` John

John has played venues including ~ Boston Harbor Hotel ~ Marriott Long Wharf ~ Hancock Tower ~ The Prudential Building ~ Hundreds of Hotels ~ Quaint New England Inn's ~ Political Campaigns in NH ~ Corporate functions throughout New England. John has traveled the Northeast performing in all 6 New England states also in NY, NJ, PA, OH, and now brings his singing and performing talents to Southwest Florida.

John did eventually pursue a professional writing and recording career which has enabled him to leave a permanent mark in the annals of music. See John's original song composition and recording under the stage name of Jay Norris recorded and performed with local Florida professional Ira Wilkes. Last Chance Cafe

~ John Webber - Guitar and Vocals

~Will Ravellete Lead Guitar and Vocals

Will RavelletteMr. Willy Skills a passionate performer and skilled musician. He plays the guitar left handed and upside down, but a Jimmy Hendrix "wanna be" he's not. His lead guitar playing career, spanning several decades, has allowed Will to tour throughout the United States and Canada. Performing in front of thousands of adoring fans, Will is a true music professional.

Will's talented guitar playing is the perfect splash of class for Top Shelf and their seasoned sound. Will's diverse style allows for a variety of sound and texture to enhance Top Shelf's every performance. His energetic performance style is infectious and a joy to watch to hear.

Will is not the newest member to Top Shelf but certainly he tops the team with his sophisticated expertise. We're truly blessed to have such a talented musician sharpening the sound of Top Shelf Oldies.

Oh and he's a hell of nice guy too!

~ Jack Cobelens Drums and Vocals

Jack Cobelens Drums Jack began his career in Europe where he played classic rock to adoring fans throughout the 80's and 90's. Jack was a professional model and a musician and has played all over the world. He's also played all over the United States.

Jack settled here in Fort Myers Florida, to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Jack has played the local music scene with many musicians and in numerous bands including Groove Moon and Category Five. Jack found a permanent home when he was introduced to Top Shelf by local "Hot-Lips" Sax player Don Smathers. Jack's tight in the pocket playing is a perfect fit for Top Shelf.

Jack also has a deep textured voice that drives the ladies wild as he performs older slow classics like, Dock of the Bay and Stand by Me. He also can rock it with some hot blues tunes and does a killer Mustang Sally. Jack is an all around professional and we are lucky to have him full-time as our drummer with Top Shelf.

~ Mark Boroska ~ Bass Guitar

Mark is from Waterford Michigan and from his earliest memories loved music. He would sit on his Mother's lap and play the organ, she was a professional organ player. He had a deep adoring love for his big brother, who was a guitar player and played with a local folk music band.

Mark learned to play many instruments and would jam with his brother as they grew. Mark had a keen interest in writing and recording. It wasn't until later when he was around 30 years old that he took off full blast in the music scene. He and his brother started their own oldies music radio show, "The Fabulous Boroska Boys" on the local station (WPON) in Pontiac, Michigan.

Mark and his brother wrote and recorded music, even getting one published in Nashville. Mark became dedicated to the studio side of music recording and mixing, founding Palm Coast Recording Studio in Ft. Myers.

As most bass players Mark transitioned from playing the guitar into playing the bass. Mark had performed live on many occasions with friends and has done dozens of studio recording sessions. Now performing as a full-time member of Top Shelf Mark is hooked on the live performance, which only further compliments his studio skills.

~ Paul Carroll - Sax / Keyboard

Paul Carroll - Sax  /  Keyboard
Paul's music career started in Nashville, Tn, during the 1960's, he played sax in numerous bands and combos as a regular and on-call basis throughout the city. He played with rockabilly star Billy Fortune, shared a stage with Brenda Lee, and played with Louis Brown big band, who later went on to become the musical director of the Jack Daniels "Silver Cornet Band" tour group. Paul even performed on stage at the Ryman Auditorium, home of the "Grand Ole Opry".

After moving to Florida Paul added playing keyboards to his musical skill sets. Paul has been a member of several prominent "Oldies" bands in Fort Myers: The "Flashback", "Seacruise", and "Mid-life Madness". He has performed at 3 of the 5 annual "Woodstork" outdoor concerts at Watkins Lawn at the Naples Beach Hotel.

More recently Paul has performed at the Ritz Carlton and Naples Grand (The Registry) sharing the stage with the Platters. Paul is an excellent addition to Top Shelf, playing the music we all know and love.